We are able to carry out special processes with the use of special materials, such as:


Ascari is specialised in wood bending.
The process begins by building a form, inside which the wood is adapted, layer by layer, thus giving it the desired shape.
We are also able to combine different woodworkings: for example recessed handles created in pantograph and glossy lacquering, all made in-house.


The brushing of the wood is carried out by means of a special machine that contains two brushes with metal and Teflon filaments, which, through their movement, are able to open the fibres of the wood.
The brushed effect is obtained in this way, leaving the natural grain of the wood intact.


Lacquering wood is a fine art: you can create different effects, from glossy to satin, from coated to antique and so on. Our in-house laboratory is equipped with a painting booth that allows us to take care of every detail of the process, in full respect of the environment, using only water-based painting products.


For us, no limits are impossible to overcome.
Over the years we have developed a custom-made technique that allows us to create modular interlocking furniture, in order to provide versatile and unique solutions, without sacrificing style and respect for the environment.
Each solution can be customised by choosing the type of wood, colours and processing.


Thanks to the pantograph we can create any type of engraving or processing, milling, groove handles, engraved phrases, or frames, with absolute precision.


Our ability also lies in combining different materials: wood is a living material and can take on various forms when combined with metal, glass and leather.


Corian is a non-porous material that allows you to create monolithic products in appearance and touch. The hygienic performance is superior to that of many work surface materials: it is ideal for kitchen countertops, washbasins and sinks. It has a good resistance to heat, aggressive chemicals and stains; it also resists cracking, mechanical stress and is renewable.


It consists in covering a non-precious wood or a panel with a very thin piece of wood called “veneer”, characterised by the symmetry of the design given by the veins of the tree trunk from which it was obtained.


The panelling (also known as “boiserie”) was born as an embellishment of walls and to hide passages, such as doors and wardrobes.
It can also be used as a frame for hi-tech elements, such as the TV, home theatre and lighting bodies.
We create custom-made wood panelling in a classic or modern style, with the insertion of machined or custom-made frames and we produce the various sections for the creation of the frames in-house.